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Boost Arena Android iOS Gameplay HD (by Squarehead Studios) New Sport Game

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Enter the fiery cauldron of the Boost Arena…

* Race to collect boost balls and smash open power-up crates.
* Take down your rivals by fair means or foul.
* Develop tactics to stay in the game as long as you can.
* Level-up to increase your score multiplier and unlock new paint schemes.
* Own the leaderboards and dominate your friends.
* Astonishing music by renowned composer, David Wise.

How to Play:

* Press the left and right sides of the screen to steer.
* Collect power-ups to use against other cars.
* Collect boost balls to charge your boost meter and score points.
* When your boost meter is full, steer in both directions at the same time to boost through other cars.

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