Craft the Adventure (by Fat Lion Games: Crafting & Building Adventure)

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Craft the Adventure (by Fat Lion Games: Crafting & Building Adventure) For Android & iOS…

Peasant! Yes, I’m talking to you! A long, epic adventure ahead of you! Adventure games with levels for free and in Polish are waiting! What? You do not know what’s going on? Play Craft the Adventure, fast!

An epic story is just beginning!
Yes, wizard Conradus is not the nicest character you’ve ever met. Even so, you lent him your ocarina, and he … disappeared! Maybe this is not the most epic item you can come across when playing RPG or point and click adventure games, but it will not get away with it!

What happened in the Conradusa castle?
This epic adventure begins in a place known as the Conradusa castle – and this can be your longest adventure! It may sound like a fairy tale, but when the only person who can give you information is the drunken tooth fairy, you know something is wrong here … Just like playing the best point and click adventure games! Write your own version of this story!

Travel in time and space!
This is just the beginning! This epic adventure will take you on a journey through the whole world of sandbox with one only goal: to recover your precious ocarina! Ancient dinosaurs, cowboys and Indians, and even strangers from the future will stand in your way! Find gold, burnt water and taste what it tastes like … Gluten-free Onion Jelly The Witcher Ivo! Of course, you’ll also meet beings such as a lovely mermaid, fire fairy, swamp troll, princesses and witches … Everything can happen in Craft the Adventure!

Make a decision and face their consequences
Will you dare to regain the chaos sword? Will you trust someone such as a drunken tooth fairy? Or maybe you dream of a magic wand? In Craft the Adventure, your decisions matter because it is an adventure game in Polish, but it contains elements of an RPG game. Do the gravedigger’s rather-epic mission or check how it can look unexpected … your perfect wedding and wedding! Of course, in the meantime do not hurt yourself … survival on the island or survival in the forest is not an easy thing! And that’s still not all that Craft the Adventure can offer. Mini adventure games with levels are waiting! Be like a pixel hero!

Adventure Time! Sandbox RPG like never before!
Craft the Adventure does not belong to the same genre as typical crafting & building games. The elements of the crafting & building game have been removed to give players everything that has the best adventure games in Polish! Almost unlimited adventure, light humor, interesting heroes and a beautiful world of blocks, full of places like a medieval castle, a paradise island or the endless sea … It’s all waiting for you in Craft the Adventure. Games like this aspire to be the best 2018 adventure games! It’s almost like your favorite role-playing games, but without crafting end building!

EPIC (at least a bit) FEATURES:
➡️ Be like a Villager, pixel super hero – the smartest villager seen in the point and click adventure games!
➡️ Get to know the story about (a little) honor and (little) courage – it’s your own legend!
➡️ A rich world made of blocks that will appeal to every game fan from the category of adventure games and RPGs!
➡️ The choices are important! Complete a countless number of side quests and create your own legend!
➡️ seriousness? Something went wrong in this fairy tale, which is why these are role-playing games other than all …
➡️ No crafting end building mode! Crafting is great fun, but this time let’s focus on an epic adventure in Polish!

Where’s your magic and sword? And sandals? Are you ready to be like a pixel hero? An epic adventure in the huge world of sandbox is waiting! Do not waste your time on crafting & building games and press the DOWNLOAD button to start the best adventure games for free and in Polish! Find Conradus and retrieve the ocarina. Craft the Adventure!


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