Hello Stickman – Stealth Horror Game (by Z & K)

Download Hello Stickman – Stealth Horror Game (by Z & K)

Hello Stickman – Stealth Horror Game (by Z & K) For Android & iOS


It’s a mysterious mansion in this stickman village. There is a rumor that this mansion is haunted. Ghosts and demons live there. Villagers are very upset as their precious things are being stolen. Some people say that these are mansion ghosts who are stealing all jewelry and antique items of villagers.
Some brave ghost hunters tried to enter and deal with these demons of mansion but they could not survive. Now it’s your responsibility to enter into this mansion and find all the precious items.
Every level requires you to complete the mission. There is a journal of last ghost hunter in this house. You need to find it. It will help you in fighting with ghosts. Ghost doll will try to scare you. But don’t be scare. Keep moving.
Let’s download this Amazing simulation game of 2018 and have fun!

Different Rooms and Mysteries to solve!
Challenging Missions!
Smooth and Easy Controls!
Fun Filled Game!
Hints and Clues!


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Hello Stickman – Stealth Horror Game (by Z & K) For Free