IDENTITY 5 (by NetEase) – iPhone X TRUE HD Beta Gameplay

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Fifth Personality: It is not true to see with your own eyes

【Special Note】
Dear detectives, some iOS booking players may encounter the game, the download button in the Apple Store still shows the status of “reservation”. In this case, exit the Apple ID account in the Apple Store and log in again to resolve.

【game introduction】
“The Fifth Personality” is Netease’s first asymmetrical competitive sports game. Absurd Gothic style, suspense burning brains, exciting 1V4 “cat and mouse pursuing game” against the gameplay, will give players a new game experience. The player will play detective Orpheus and after receiving a mysterious letter of entrustment, he will enter the notorious estate to investigate a case of disappearance. During the investigation of the evidence, Orphis played by the player will use the deduction method to review the case. In the review of the case, the player can choose to act as a supervisor or a survivor and start a fierce confrontation. In the course of the investigation, when it is infinitely close to the facts, it finds more and more unbelievable truths.

[game features]
– Gothic dark styles
Crows hovering in the night sky, misty woods, in a mysterious and unpredictable atmosphere of the game, interpreting a series of unknown cases buried in the Caucasus Mountains. The historical elements of the Victorian era, darkly clothed characters, black and white nostalgic animation style, the truth is silently hidden in the details of the appearance.

– Revelry Manor Games Hide Mystery Cases
“… Like a wild beast about to be abyssed by the abyss, disguised himself as a monster, fearful of involving others in it, but eager to redeem…” In the darkness of the manor, numerous invitees After the game revelry, he was still unaware that he was in a dark whirlpool and could no longer distinguish between goodness and evil.

-1V4 asymmetry confrontation to pursue survival experience
Players can play both survivors and supervisors in the game. The four survivors aim to decipher the five crypto machines to escape from the gate. The regulator’s goal is to eliminate all the survivors. In the game, the player uses the character’s exclusive skills or props to feel the thrill of the heartbeat and the fun of the strategy game in a field pursuit game.

– Complete collection of personality characters
Behind each character are hidden stories, or for money, grudges or love, they are also invited to this mysterious estate. Players use clues to deduct the role of the game and replay the process of the case. The fog of the truth of the case will not be covered forever.

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