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Jailbreak Russia (by Starodymov games) For Android & iOS


You have to play the character Stickman. Your task is to find two successful ways to escape from a Russian prison. On the way, you will meet opponents who will do everything possible so that you can not escape from prison.
The game will see many different stereotypes associated with Russia. In the Russian Federation you can always see a bear, a nesting doll, a balalaika, vodka and many other stereotyped objects. It coincided that the game came out 2 days before the election of the Russian president. We all know who will become president of Russia in 2018, is not it?
Samovar, gas, oil, rockets, this stereotyped list can be continued indefinitely.
In the game you can play Russian roulette, see cartoon characters from the Soviet Union. Putin, Lenin and Trump will be in the game! Politics, the White House and the Kremlin will blow up your brain!
Interesting interactive sketches, animation will raise the mood of people from all over the world!
Brew the samovar, put on your boots and go ahead and play a free game under the Russian accordion!


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