Steampunk Warrior (by Daily Fun)

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Steampunk Warrior (by Daily Fun) For Android & iOS…

(This is an Open Beta Test. Not all content is playable in the Beta, but will be in the future. Please give Feedback!)

Discover this new 2D Platformer. Transform in 3 different robots, fight against 12 bosses and defeat over 35 differente enemies. Show your skill in 70 different levels, master exiting resuce- and escort missions and use minecarts and airplanes.

Help! Your village was hijacked and robbed. The monsters destroyed everything and stole all your transformations.
Use your skills in this 2d platformer to get your transformations back. Let the monsters pay for what they did to your village.

Game Features:
-12 bossfights (every boss with unique skills)
-35 monsters want to hunt you down
-prove your skill in 70 different levels
-4 lovely designed overworlds
-use your 4 transformations to overcome all obstacles
-strenghten your power with 5 upgrades and become the professional steampunk warrior
-awesome escort- and rescue missions
-funny game modes (Arena Fights, Escape the Death Valley…)
-Use cool vehicles (Minecart, Plane)

Beta: Level 1-1 till 1-10 are playable


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