Stickman Avengers League Hero (by Galassia Studios)

Download Stickman Avengers League Hero (by Galassia Studios)

Stickman Avengers League Hero (by Galassia Studios) For Android & iOS…

Get ready to take charge of new league of stickman free avengers league 3D hero to repel and annihilate enemy waves to score high in the high school basketball court. Ultimate armed ninja stickman dismount is equipped with fun filled sickest moves, lethal weapons to collisions, whereabouts stickman run and jump and an unforgiving bat. Total annihilation stickman dismount avenger rises as one of the armato shinobi heroes, and flaunt his ultimate pavlov ninja shinobi skills as the gangsters attack high school basketball madhouse court in this real stickman escape mission. Let’s save the empire of school basketball by stair dismount level of enemies.

Stickman 3D draivis Avengers Alliance League 3D Hero is an amazing action free 3d ninja warrior stickman escape mission. Those who are thirsty to quench the thirst for fun filled ninja assassin stickman ragdoll mission while wearing a face mask, this is definitely your game. The ninja hardcore assassin stickman warrior action has started and real stickman is all ready to face & destroy enemy. The time is less and mission is hard when you are the earth protector. The enemy which is a drug mafia has attacked the school gymnasium and the league of handsome stickman heroes was not ready during the school routine. Now it is you who has this responsibility trying to execute the drug mafia cartel and restore league of stickman ragdoll run legend writ before the school routine resumes. The more you kill, crash and double jump the more you collect cash and gold as your reward and purchase guns, rifle and heroes’ bat in this stickman run and jump fighting game.

Stickman ragdoll heroes avenger Surveillance league is all set with the weapons he has got to face a wave of enemies at once. This is the first and the last chance you to swept to prove yourself to be one of the stickman sin heroes and take your stickman revenge in night shift. Be a brave ninja shadow run stickman legend that never backs down. This is action filled and stickman warriors have burnt their boats already. Defeat & destroy the evil terrorists who are planning to rule this city with the terror they are spreading with your stickman defense. The enemy is a drug mafia who has looted a lot of money and now they have used this black money to buy heavy stickman shooter weapons and destroy the peace of the hero sky ninja city but the one man army stickman warrior’s crash their party with its stickman defense. You the one man army stickman warriors have some special stickman dismount fight. This is a stickman revenge that has no room for tolerance against the evil. Win this battle against stickman crash the league of evil enemies and show everyone that you are the hardcore stickman fighter of the city with its sword fighting skills. Various missions you have to complete one by one and tougher it gets ahead.
Stickman ragdoll physics game
Real life sounds
Immersive and amazing 3d environment
Challenging missions
Powerful ninja warrior stickman sword fighting and stickman fight combos
Rewards to collect (Cash and Gold)
Bat, guns and rifles to use

Stickman Avengers League Hero (by Galassia Studios) For Free