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Stickman Escape Nuthouse Walkthrough / Android Gameplay HD New 2D Stickman Game All Escape Routes (by funtraxx) #pryszardgaming

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If you enjoy playing challenge-packed escaping games, you are going to love the game Stickman Escape Nuthouse for sure. The hero of the game is the stickman who is funny, headstrong but daredevil too. The Stickman is confined in a psychiatric clinic and he is planning to escape from the treatment center. You have to help him to find his way of escaping the prison.


The game Stickman Escape Nuthouse is based on simple algorithm, which is easy to learn but it is hard to master because of the difficulty levels. There are different challenging enemies available around like grumpy medics, grouchy guards, etc. who will try hard to prevent the stickman from his darling escape. Your task is to help the Stickman to survive in the escape plan.

As a ward, you have to leave the straightjacket and open the cabinet to access helpful items that will aid you to avoid the enemies in front of you. You have to plan your strategy to come out of thee clinic so you need to use your reflex as well as ponder on your experience to survive. Besides enjoying lots of twists and tweaks, you need to use your brainpower to form the strategy.


✔️ Awesome graphics and brilliant user interface

✔️ Tricky game plan for maximum fun and enjoyment

✔️ This strategy game is good for facing brain storming challenge

✔️ You can form strategy as per your discretion to facilitate

✔️ You need to escape the clinic to win the game

✔️ Immersive and fun game

✔️ Lots of strategies you can use

✔️ Acquire items and escape the clinic

✔️Avoid the enemies in front of you!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Download then strategy challenge game the Stickman Escape Nuthouse and give your brain an awesome boost of fresh logic and action plan. You will love to play this game for sure. Ask your kids to join the game play to teach them the power of logical planning and dynamic action frenzy.

Stickman Escape Nuthouse Walkthrough For Free