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Stump (by Inkaust Studio) For Android & iOS…

Courageous Stump sets out to chase after the lumberjacks, who caused him to stop being a beautiful tree. Lead Stump through five different lands, collecting his lost leaves and help him regain his lost shape.

The second mode of the game allows you to grow splendid trees starting from a seed and a pot of soil.

How to play:

– Collect all golden leaves to complete a level
– Collect all green leaves to acquire a whistle
– Collect all golden and green leaves to activate the golden owl mode
– Exchange the collected blades and whistles for power-ups, bonus levels, new skins and other items
– Set new records in the limitless golden owl modes


Tick Tock – freeze the time and make an additional move
Vacuum – draw in the leaves from a larger area
Rewind – undo a failed move
Longer – make a longer move

Key features:

– 142 levels
– 21 stump skins
– 21 tire skins
– Limitless golden owl mode
– 13 riddles to solve
– 14 types of trees to grow
– 14 types of pots


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