The Walking Zombie: Dead City Walkthrough Part 1 (by Alda Games)

Download The Walking Zombie: Dead City Walkthrough Part 1 (by Alda Games)

The Walking Zombie: Dead City Walkthrough Part 1 (by Alda Games) For Android & iOS…

Play The zombie walking: Dead city, a zombie shooter whose action takes place in a terrifying near future. As a result of a terrible epidemic in the world, zombies have been swarming and you have to fight for survival!
Challenge different zombies (zombie prisoners, zombie dogs, zombie cheerleaders, shooters and epic bosses) using more than 10 different weapons! Enjoy the beautiful cartoon graphics and try to survive the zombie apocalypse with the help of a reliable pixel 3D weapon that can be upgraded to deal more damage, improve accuracy, reload faster and increase the amount of ammunition. If you and the whole human race are to survive, no living dead can survive. The best zombie game ever!

* Epic cartoon 3D pixel graphics
* Zombies react to impacts and disintegrate with multiple hits – different effects are available
* There is blood and zombie tripe everywhere!
* Intuitive controls that make zombie killing a pure pleasure
* Over 20 different types of zombies – zombie shooting, zombie dog, zombie prisoner, etc.
* Big bosses-monsters
* Arena mode bonus – kill as many zombies as possible using only white weapons
* You no longer have to be afraid of living dead, because you have more than 10 different weapons at your disposal, from a revolver and an assault rifle to wreaking havoc, like a rocket launcher
* Many maps with different visual themes and routes of enemies
* Hit zones – many enemies will die after a precise deadly shot in the head
* Skills count for skills – survive with lots of health and a high head-to-head ratio to get extra rewards!
* Rail shooter shooter

The world after the zombie apocalypse is a dangerous place, but you’re ready for the challenges ahead! Take a gun and play zombie shooting – keep your finger on the trigger until all the zombies are lost … irrevocably. Receive prizes for hard work, unlock new weapons and upgrade existing ones. Try to kill as many dead corpses as possible. It’s a zombie game in which your skills are of great importance! In the world of The walking zombie: Dead city, you can only play one of two roles – a zombie killer or a zombie supper.

The zombie walking: Dead city is a free zombie killing game, so do not worry, in the worst case scenario you’ll only lose your body and brain. All shooters are cool, but this game will take your heart (and brain).


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The Walking Zombie: Dead City Walkthrough Part 1 (by Alda Games) For Free