VAST – Cosmic Treasure Hunters – Apple TV Exclusive Gameplay

Download VAST – Cosmic Treasure Hunters – Apple TV Exclusive Gameplay

EPISODIC SCI-FI ADVENTURE! VAST™ – Cosmic Treasure Hunters is an anime-flavored sci-fi action adventure first person shooter about a misfit team of cosmic treasure hunters, in way over their heads!

Campaign Levels are released Episodically over time as FREE UPDATES. CAMPAIGN “THE FROZEN STAR” EPISODE 1 NOW INCLUDED!

VAST™ is an AppleTV Timed Exclusive! Play it ONLY on AppleTV right now! AppleTV 4K Recommended & Gamepad Required.

In VAST™, you play as Enzo, the security cyborg on the Aces High expedition starship, owned and captained by cat Michu, piloted by blue-skinned hot-shot Yori, and led around the galaxy by their exo-archeologist frog-man Jasper. When the team arrives at the mythical Frozen Star, they find their ship is in need of repair with the Vorid horde hot on their trail. But what lurks around them in the Vast? Find out in this fast-paced run-and-gun sci-fi action adventure!

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